A tale is told of a man, whose roots draw from the Lake-dwelling communities of Kenya. Osewe by name, the man grew up with the joy of enjoying freshly made fish recipes; secrets passed down from mothers to their sons and daughters. He caught Nairobi by storm, initially setting up a dingy hotel in the Eastlands of Nairobi. News of the sweet taste of his delicious fish recipes and sauces quickly spread across Nairobi, and he faced up to the task of satisfying the huge Nairobian appetite. The K’Osewe brand has grown and is currently the go-to restaurant in Nairobi.

With ages of precision perfection, generations of secret skill and ingredients, K’Osewe gives you the best servings of organic whole foods south of the Sahara. Come savor the goodness of authentic continental dishes! Your day in Nairobi is only complete if you’ve had a meal at K’Osewe.