"If it's tasty, and beautifully served, it can only be in K'Osewe!"


We all love to eat, to take our time and enjoy the flavours in a series of tasty bites. To some of us, eating is our favorite part of the day. At K'Osewe, you get to have more than a succession of meals and drinks... We offer you an experience and a connection between each dish, made by culinary experts, to give you the very best taste of Africa. Your day in Nairobi is never complete, until you've been to K'Osewe.

Experience Our

Tasty Dishes

Come hungry, expect to be impressed. We'll give you a serving of delicious food that will relieve your hunger and excite your senses.

Lively music

At dusk, our restaurant transforms into a lively dancefloor... Come dance to the timeless sounds of rhumba and benga music from the very best of Kenyan entertainers. 

Timely Deliveries

If you're hungry, but feel like you wouldn't find time to come to us... our restaurant comes to you! Dial hot, tasty meals from Kosewe today!

Our Specialty

Whole Foods

Taste the goodness of delicious foods made from organic ingredients sourced from the hardworking farmers and fishermen of Kenya

Sunlit Gazebo

Come enjoy a drink in the breezy rooftop of our Kimathi outlet. Experience the fresh breath and live music of Nairobi from a secure, lively rooftop!

Salsa & Veges

We make the best salsa and vegetarian dishes from fresh organic produce source straight from the farm! Come taste our salsa and traditional greens!


We will be honored to serve you the very best from our menu. Pay us a visit and awaken the memories of your mom's favorite African Recipes.

General inquiries

e-mail: info@kosewe.com Phone: (+254) 721 323 238

Kosewe - Kimathi

Kimathi Street, Nairobi, KENYA. e-mail: Kimathi@kosewe.com Phone: (+254) 721 323 238

Kosewe - Upper Hill

Upper Hill, Nairobi, KENYA. e-mail: upperhill@kosewe.com Phone: (+254) 721 323 238

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